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Reaching for a Book

Day School

BGE's principal business has been day schools, and we've helped many international students with their high school education. A BGE Chinese marketing poll found many parents believe sending their kids to an excellent high school is enough, leaving the rest to the school. However, relying solely on schools is insufficient. To develop students healthily and study well in school, school and parents must collaborate.​

But what about students studying abroad who lack parental companionship and regular supervision? Relax. BGE, as the student's guardian, will assist the parents. That includes keeping pupils safe and monitoring their academic progress, life issues, and mental wellness.

In addition, BGE also acts as the coordinator among the school, students, and parents. Responsible for contacting school teachers on behalf of kids or parents, updating parents on students' academic and personal progress, etc. If any of these three parties encounter issues, they can contact BGE.
BGE is vital in assisting high school students and coordinating with schools and parents, essential to students' success.

Teacher Helping Student

Educational Guardian

Education is a complete process that needs hard work. Students can only get closer and closer to their goals if they give their all at each stage. Without the help and supervision of professionals, they are hard to complete this task. As the student's educational guardian, BGE's primary mission is to aid students in achieving academic success. Assume the role of parent and monitor students' academic performance, assignments, tests, activities, and schedules regularly.

Living Arrangements

BGE will assist day school students with daily life arrangements, including housing, meal planning, participation in community activities, etc. Students can simultaneously practice English and experience local culture. In addition, BGE will do its best to assist students in completing tasks on time, including applications for bank cards, mobile phone cards, illness, and routine physical examinations. The excellent arrangement of life will increase their happiness in life.


Academic Help

BGE has always believed that admission to an excellent high school is only the beginning. More important is how students can complete their high school studies and ultimately gain admission to an ideal university to pursue their long-term goals. Most international students must not only adapt to the challenges of learning a second language in school but also study a more diverse curriculum. BGE will provide students with timely academic support to aid in their academic success.

Extracurricular Activities

BGE organizes various outdoor group activities per year to enrich students' lives, such as skiing, hiking, visiting renowned universities, city tours, amusement parks, dinner parties, bowling, and boating. We will tailor the activities to the desires of the students.

Holding Hands

Mental Health

Nearly every international student will face difficulties, such as academic pressure, cultural conflict, eating habits, and interpersonal relationship management. However, stress levels and problem-solving strategies are also different because of each individual's different growth environment. BGE is sure to detect problems promptly and provide expert psychological consultation.

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