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Fists in Solidarity

Job Title: Education and Operations Director

Employer: Boston Global Education, Inc.

Work Location: Fairfax, VA 22030

Work Hours: 40 hours per week

Required Travel: Quarterly trips to the company’s U.S. branches or conferences in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and California as needed and international expeditions to partners in Korea, China, and Vietnam.

Job Description:

  • Actively manage the operations of a large education consulting company serving foreign students studying in the United States – operations include: marketing the company’s services, establishing relationships with schools, academic and test preparation resources in the United States, and host families/households in the United States, and offering: (1) tutoring and after school programs, (2) summer camp programs, (3) counseling, and (4) college consulting services to students;

  • Review and analyze financial statements, including budgets, sales reports and performance data for U.S. and international branches;

  • Lead marketing strategists to plan and implement comprehensive marketing campaigns and strategic partnership development;

  • Brainstorm, develop, and execute strategies to increase revenue generation across all U.S. offices, including examining educational and extracurricular program offerings and evaluating successes and shortfalls;

  • Develop new educational program offerings and improve existing ones;

  • Negotiate contracts on behalf of company with strategic partners, commercial lessors and company vendors;

  • Direct and coordinate plans, activities, and goals of departments and branch offices;

  • Direct and oversee company’s homestay service for international students, including managing relationships with host families/households and managing placement system;

  • Establish policies for homestay service – rules, standards, safety measures, protocols, etc.

  • Oversee personnel; including making hiring, promotion, demotion, and termination of employment decisions; reviewing and drafting job descriptions; determining compensation; determining the structure, frequency, and nature of performance reviews and performance metrics and conducting such reviews for managerial staff; working with other managers to promote a productive and collaborative workplace culture with team building exercises and training initiatives; and weighing in on any serious, urgent personnel issues; and

  • Work with company officers to establish company objectives, policies, and mission.


Type: Full-time – experienced

Required Education and Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or closely related field (foreign equivalent acceptable) plus a minimum of 2 years of experience in international education management or, in the alternative, four years of employment experience in international education management (any suitable combination of education, training, or experience are acceptable). Experience in international education management must include:

  • Demonstrated experience with principles, methods, and developments in international student education consulting and programming management, including establishing new branch offices of an international student education consulting and programming company from the ground up, developing and implementing a sales strategy, overseeing the budget, and building and overseeing a professional team;

  • Demonstrated experience with principles and procedures for personnel recruitment, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiations, and personnel information systems;

  • Demonstrated experience marketing to international students from Korea, China, or other Asian countries, including directly selling study abroad programs and recruiting students for various academic programs;

  • Demonstrated experience navigating and creating partnerships with educational stakeholders in the U.S. and Asia and presenting opportunities to them;

  • Demonstrated experience building and operating both short-term and long-term study abroad programs in the U.S. or Asia;

  • Demonstrated experience developing and overseeing tutoring programs; and

  • Demonstrated experience analyzing academic programming and assessing areas of strength and areas needing improvement.



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