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Entering School Gate

Boarding School

International students enrolled in boarding schools face two significant obstacles. First, academic difficulties. Many students need long-term academic monitoring and help to achieve academic success. The second concern is the scheduling of all holidays. When the school closes the dormitories for the summer, BGE will assist students in arranging housing and extracurricular activities. In addition, BGE offers specialized services, including university visits and summer school programs.



BGE will assess students' backgrounds to match them with boarding high schools and give expert application services. High-quality boarding high schools require students' overall strength, and therefore, if you want to be admitted to your dream school, you must prepare ahead of time.

Study Group

Academic Planning

BGE develops long-term academic planning centered on your dream schools. Opportunities are for the prepared mind, as the saying goes, and this is true not only for college applications but also for high school applications. Start early and gain a competitive advantage.

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