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Academic Advancement Center

BGE academic team provides students with a full range of academic services to improve their GPA. Tutoring subjects almost cover the entire curriculum of American high schools. However, what we do is not only tutoring but a comprehensive service for students' academic progress and acting as parents!

We As Parents

  • Help students choose the most appropriate tutor;

  • Regular communication with the tutor to follow up on the student's learning progress;

  • Regularly take part in the communication between school parents and teachers;

  • Follow up on the student portal. Always pay attention to the student's school performance and homework.

Communication timely and patient company.

Students studying in a foreign country are bound to feel lonely at times. Parents' comfort and love are required. BGE will do everything possible to bring love and warmth to students. Regular communication and attention to the student's mood are essential. During the holidays, organize activities to help students relieve psychological stress.

Focus on short-term progress as well as long-term growth.

The ultimate goal of GPA improvement programs is to help students get into their ideal college. The BGE academic team will develop clear academic goals and plans for each student's character development. Working hard around the goal, students will get enough motivation to learn and work hard to realize their dreams step by step.

Tutoring Subjects

Tutoring subjects include high school courses and AP exams, among others

Science: Mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, etc

Liberal arts: history, geography, psychology, communication, politics, anthropology, sociology, etc

Business: Statistics, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, etc

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