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Education is about preparing students for college and beyond.

Boston Global Education

The Best Service Company

Boston Global Education (BGE) is a professional consulting company specializing in educational services for international students studying in the United States. It was created in 2001, and the company has a headquarters in Boston. For over 20 years, BGE has assisted over 2,000 overseas students and their families with a high level of satisfaction.

This is our BGE!

This is our BGE!

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Service Objectives

BGE aims to assist international students in adapting to academic learning, culture, and life in American schools. To reach the top of a mountain means finding the most effective way and having the courage and strength. BGE will accompany every student to find the strength and method to help them cope with and overcome the new environment's challenges.

BGE's primary operations are in the northeastern United States and California. The service model focuses on the office and extends to private high schools in the United States about an hour away from the surrounding area, providing students with a complete spectrum of services such as guardians, daily service, and academic supervision.


High School CSIET Certification


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